Ping Sng Consulting helps chartered accountants, lawyers and businesses of all sizes by providing advice on taxation, general business, and company issues. We offer a range of services, all catered to providing useful and accurate tax, legal and business advice to clients.

Our focus is on our clients

With our experience and understanding of business and accounting issues, we are able to assist chartered accountants and lawyers with the many and varied tax, commercial and company law issues they encounter with their clients.

We can be a “one-stop shop” for chartered accountants who are looking for a lawyer who understands numbers!

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As an added bonus, tax advice given by Ping Sng Consulting will be subject to full legal privilege. We also cater to individuals, corporations, as well as small and medium sized businesses. We focus on on helping clients grow their businesses by providing ongoing advice.





With over 26 years of experience as a tax specialist, and a background in accounting and law, Ping brings her experience to the table with a focus on providing solutions to problems. Ping Sng is the sole proprietor of Ping Sng Consulting. As well as being a lawyer, Ping is a chartered accountant with the New Zealand Institute of Chartered Accountants.

Providing Advice

At Ping Sng Consulting, you get taxation, company law and business consulting advice from an experienced specialist that is subject to full legal privilege. All advice can provided by email, over the phone, or through physical correspondence at the request of the client. The choice is yours. We work with our clients to get to the best possible solution.

Ping Sng Consulting is based in Hamilton, New Zealand, but with modern technology, there are no geographical limits on who we can provide advice to! We currently provide specialist consulting advice to chartered accountants in Waikato, Bay of Plenty, South Auckland, Manawatu, Hawkes Bay, and parts of the South Island.


Company Law

Business Restructuring

Inland Revenue Advice


Ping Sng



We provide advice on a wide range of taxation issues, including but not limited to:
• Company taxation (including look-through companies)
• Business restructuring
• Land sales
• Taxation of trusts and estates
• General and limited partnerships
• Residency issues
• Associated person transactions
• Issues with Charities

We are able to advise on general Company Law issues that relate to:
• Directors’ duties and responsibilities
• Shareholders’ rights and remedies available
• Issues regarding distributions from companies
• Company solvency issues
• Company minutes (for directors and shareholders) required under the Companies Act 1993
• Company constitutions
• Shareholders’ disputes
• Issues regarding share rights and classes
• Company wind ups

With the repeal of the Financial Reporting Act 1993 and the introduction of the new Financial Reporting Act 2013, there are many statutory changes to financial reporting that chartered accountants must grapple with. A large majority of chartered accountants in New Zealand act for small to medium sized businesses.

Under the Financial Reporting Act 2013 and changes to the Companies Act 1993, statutory requirements for preparing company minutes and financial statements for small to medium sized businesses have changed.

We can provide advice on these new statutory requirements.

Provide advice on legal and taxation issues relating to:
• Company amalgamations
• Share repurchases
• Company wind ups
• Share restructures
• Company constitutional issues
• Shareholder agreements
• Business sales
• Succession planning

Providing technical support in dealing with the IRD in relation to:
• Tax disputes
• Audits
• Investigations

We can provide training on taxation and company law issues, as and when required. For convenience, training can be provided on clients’ premises.

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